Ways to Spark Creativity in Your Kids

For small children, it is a lot easier for them to get trapped in their imagination. Some children, however, are not as easily distracted by their imagination. If you want to show your kids different things to make the creative side come out more here are a few pointers to look into.


  1. Keep toys simple.

Portrait of woman at home plying with young child


I and my husband try to keep our kids away from toys that are made up of plastic or toys that need batteries to operate.


  1. Children activities, Reading, creativity Reading, books, and art2. Limit how much your children are able to be on a game or watch TV.


When a child watches tv after a while they zone out and create their very own story about the show, sometimes there are shows that teach children about different things in the world and can be enjoyed sat down as a family, but keep it monitored and do not let them sit at a tv screen all day.


  1. Stock up on art supplies.


Create a craft bin that has a bunch of different things inside such as cotton balls, beads, different glues and paints, markers, craft sticks, colored pencils, paper, pages from magazines. When you choose to throw something away keep small bins or tubs you have to use along with different items you can incorporate within your crafts. Whenever you have trash ask, “Can this be used in crafts in anyway?” You want to have your kid interested in their arts and crafts box so keep it at hands reach for them to keep them wondering and wanting to create art.


  1. Value art and creativity in your home.


When your child makes you a picture of something hang it somewhere inside your home, this will show them you are proud of their masterpieces. Show your children how far being so creative has gotten you throughout your life.


5.Create art with your children.


Have a specific time that you and your children sit down together and enjoy the making of art together or maybe even a writing project. Show them their artistic side will always follow them in life.


  1. Ask your kids about their artwork.


You want to stay in communication with your child and ask them about their different art whether it is a painting or writing, or maybe even something they drew all by theirself. If you see the picture your child has drawn ask them what the picture represents or if it has a meaning.


  1. Encourage pretend play.


You want to buy clothes for your children to dress in. A lot of younger kids love to dress up as something else they think it is so fun to have some kind of tub full of different things to let them be someone else. You can buy items for this at garage sales, a thrift store, halloween sales, and make your stockpile grow. Jewelry and hats or sunglasses and different accessories can be thrown in that can help spice the character up.


  1. Read to your kids as often as possible.

When you read to your children dim the lights, make it seem like a magical fantasy land. Does your kid have a favorite story? If so let your child draw the characters in the story and the different scenes as they think they would be.