Best Gas Pressure Washer Brands for Cleaning Up Chalk & Paint

Compared to electric power washers, gas pressure washers bring with them 3 main advantages. Primarily, they are highly powerful. Secondly, they are durable. Lastly, gas pressure washers are suited best to those job sites and/or remote areas without electricity outlets.


For these three reasons, gas pressure washers remain preferred by professionals and contractors. You can trust these machines when it comes to cleaning up chalk and paint. For sure, they’ll not disappoint. In fact, you’ll be impressed by the results. There is no doubt about that.


Before looking at the best gas pressure washer brands for cleaning up chalk and paint, let’s first look what you’re supposed to look for when in the market for the best gas pressure washer brands:


What to Look For When In the Market for the Best Gas Pressure Washer Brand


  1. Cleaning power and engine size – The engine size is defined in cc (cubic centimeters). The higher the cc number, the more powerful the engine. The cleaning power is defined in gallons per minute. The higher the number, the stronger its cleaning power.


  1. Recoil or electric starter – Engines with an electric starter as slightly expensive compared to those with a recoil starter.


  1. Cold or hot water – Compared to cold water, hot water rips through even the most stubborn stains effortlessly. Hot water is more effective at breaking solid bonds compared to cold water.


  1. Tire toughness – Always settle for the heavy-duty pneumatic tires.


  1. Carriage frame construction – This is another aspect you should be on the lookout for when searching for the best gas pressure washer brand. The powerful and bigger units usually take the wheelbarrow stance in order to create more room for bigger pump and engine.


  1. Gasoline storage – Look for a gas pressure washer with an easy to handle gasoline storage.


  1. Belt-driven versus direct-drive – You can drive your pressure washer in two ways, either the direct drive or the belt drive. The direct-drive is more affordable and compact. It vibrates and causes more noise. Non-stop use causes it to overheat the engine. The belt-drive on the other hand demands more maintenance and is less efficient. However, its belt absorbs vibration meaning it’s less noisy. It does not overheat even after using it eight hours per day.


The Best Gas Pressure Washer Brands for Cleaning Up Chalk & Paint


Here are the best gas pressure washer brands for cleaning up chalk and paint:


#3: Pressure Pro


Are you a contractor that does pressure washing? If yes, then chances are high that you’ve used a manufactured unit from Pressure Pro. Pressure Pro units are the most sold units when it comes to commercial-duty and skid mounted gas pressure washers. This is the most impressive Pressure Pro gas pressure washer by any standards.


#2: Generac


Generac boasts such a rich history when it comes to the residential gas pressure washer brands. In fact, this brand was the first to manufacture the small size generators for using at home. Presently, Generac also manufactures gas pressure washers.


One of the best aspects about these washers is the fact that bring with them their own engines. The likes of Simpson, Pressure Pro et al utilize Subaru, Kohler or Honda engines. This certainly gives Generac an upper hand and unique control when it comes to the design of its units. Their engines are tailored for specific customer needs.


#1: Simpson


The Simpson brand of gas pressure washer tops the list for cleaning up chalk and paint. In fact, it dominates both the commercial and residential gas pressure washer market. In addition to being reliable, and powerful, Simpson units are also highly affordable. In 2009, Simpson and The Black & Decker Corp – who are the owners of DeWalt trademark – agreed to manufacture as well as dispose their pressure washers under DeWalt name. Oh yes, it simply means that Simpson and DeWalt pressure washers are actually the same. The same assembly line in Decatur, AR manufactures this line of gas pressure washers.




On top of being so much fun to use, gas pressure washers boast quick and dramatic results. In fact, they’re so much so that you’ll find yourself almost begging to clean the neighbor’s cars, driveways and siding. Whether you’re looking for the best gar pressure washer brands for cleaning up chalk and paint, or any other need, the above are the top 3 best brands. Check out if you want help on deciding which model and brand is best for power washing for businesses and homes.