Finding the Best Industrial Panini Maker

The taste of a delicious hot, pressed sandwich right off the grill is what separates an ordinary sandwich from that of the Panini. The beauty of adding any ingredient, such as meat, cheese and vegetables and having the flavors combine into a hot, flaky delicacy is what makes the Panini so popular. Its transformative properties in the culinary world cannot be understated and there are many commercial options on the market just waiting to be that transformative grill of a chef’s dreams. Now you can find the perfect industrial panini maker.
Avantco is a commercial kitchen brand which offers Panini makers in various sizes. Whether your needs are medium or truly for a larger fare, this company is bound to make a Panini maker that will please. Made from heavy-duty construction, these boast cast iron plates and removable trays for easier cleaning. With the ability to make sandwiches, burgers and quesadillas into palatable works of art, these presses have 1750 WATS of power behind every press, all with adjustable temperature. With great warranties and a solid price point, finding the size and option for your kitchen is easier than ever.
Another great commercial option is the Waring brand. With an exceptionally large variety to choose from, choosing a Panini maker becomes a truly customizable experience. Boasting great construction, warranty and overall quality, Waring seems to be holding on to the future in Panini making. The smooth, non-stick trays and removable drip trays make cleaning a breeze. Along with the adjustable temperature gages, a perfect Panini is made each and every time. Waring also gives the tricks of the trade, such as how to perfectly season your trays and cooking options for every type of Panini.
With two solid choices in the Panini industry, having fun and making Panini sandwiches becomes a breeze. From a variety of colors to construction to sizing, these companies truly customize the Panini press. Suitable for all needs, these presses are sure to facilitate the perfect Panini.